Created for us…

I just started a “historical” read-through plan of the Bible at Essentially it goes through every book of the Bible in the order each book was written. I’m not exactly sure how different it will be from a chronological read-through (in the order which things occurred rather than when the book were written), so we’ll see how this goes. Either way, I’m excited.

First revelation: when God was creating the universe, He created it just for us. The Earth wasn’t the last thing He made… it seems like it was the first. He didn’t even make the sun first! He said, “Let there be light,” and there it was. Where was it coming from? Or perhaps, Who was it coming from? According to Genesis 1:14-18, it wasn’t until the fourth day that he actually made the sun and moon and stars. They were merely the “governors” of day and night He put in place to keep a regular rhythm to things. Heck, He made seed- & fruit-bearing plants before He made the sun. I wonder if that was because He was planning on being so close to the earth that the sun and moon weren’t really going to be needed to yield life from the plants in the soil. It makes me sort of sad thinking about how His original idea was to be all we would ever need, but we chose poorly…

Second revelation, accompanied with a question: when God created us He said, “Let us make human beings in our own image, to be like us.” I’ve read this before. I’ve always thought I understood what this means. I thought I comprehended how in Heaven our bodies would become perfected, the way God originally intended. But to be in the exact image of God Himself, of Jesus Christ in all His glory, to be like His heavenly host of angels… was He talking to Jesus when He said “us,” or was He talking to all of Heaven’s realm?…

A question: why did God make the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil? Why was it necessary? Did God Himself eat from it? Was it there purely to demonstrate Adam & Eve’s obedience to Him in not partaking of its fruit?… and why did Adam & Even have to eat it? I don’t know whether it was a flaw in our design, most likely intentional since nothing is a surprise to God, or the pure deceiving power of the Enemy. Perhaps both.

God’s judgement on Adam & Eve and the rest of humankind makes me very sad. We had it made! Life and company at our fingertips, within our hands, beneath our feet, and we abandoned it in favor of something greater. Now we must work hard, and our days are numbered. Death scares me. The idea of just not being alive is frightening, because it’s all I know. All because we wanted to be greater than we were.

But the Enemy wanted to be greater, too. Which is precisely why he was cast down, he and his legions of followers. I wonder how many countless millennia the war has been going on between God and the enemy.

It seems we may have been cured of our new mortality if we’d eaten of the Tree of Life. But with our knowledge of what is good and what is evil, we would have been exactly like God instead of just being made in His image, in honor of His glory. I wonder what that would have been like… It’s possible that would have stirred up an entirely new war alongside the battle waged between Heaven and the darkness.

And since nothing is a surprise to God… He did it all anyway. I know His ways are so much higher than mine, but I wonder what He was thinking as He made all these things knowing full well what was going to happen next, in just a few days, or years, depending on how time was calculated at its beginning. Obviously, He knows something I don’t….

Well, okay. More than just a few somethings. More like… like… a really big number that I’d never be able to comprehend.

And that’s okay. I just want to live a life that says to Him, “All I need is You. And while I’ll keep screwing up and making the wrong choice, choosing from the wrong tree, I’ll keep trying because You keep forgiving.”

And maybe I won’t be so afraid anymore.

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