Starting anew…

Genesis 6, where God puts a limit on our life span, giants walk the earth (the offspring of angels and human women, apparently… sounds like something out of Lord Of The Rings…), and a fresh start of sorts.

I can’t imagine God’s pain in seeing how His creation went its own way and did such foolish things.  Verse 6 says His heart was broken for even creating us in the first place…  When He is all we need, when all of life can flourish solely with Him as its Provider for all things, why in the world do we choose our own way?  And why does it seem so easy to choose the wrong way and His way seems harder?  I think by now it’s become more difficult to follow Him because of everything else that is around us, seeking our attention, attempting to break us away from our first love.  There’s such minimalism in following Him, and we’ve made it so much more complicated.

Now to the story of Noah.  I love this story, probably because of the film Evan Almighty.  While director Tom Shadyac and writer Steve Oedekerk do tend to go for the comedy angle on everything they do, the messages of faith, trust, and hope within the film are strong.  Critics lambasted the film for what they called a “condescendingly simplistic spiritual message,” but honestly, much of the world has strayed so far from God that it needs the message given to them as simply as possible.  As the apostle Paul said in his first letter to the church in Corinth, “… I gave you milk to drink, not solid food, because you weren’t ready for it.  And you’re still not ready!”

God wipes everything out with the flood.  A total clean sweep.  Nothing and no one but the creatures and Noah & his family on the ark survive.  Underground springs erupt, and the heavens open up and empty themselves onto the face of the earth.  Frightening.  Then, God stops filling the earth with water.  The waters recede, and God decides He will accept us as we are, and later on in history He chooses other means to reveal Himself to us.  For that, I am grateful.

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