Surely He wasn’t wearing a trenchcoat and Groucho Marx glasses…

Genesis 18.  Very interesting.  Starts out with Abraham seeing three men standing nearby.  He immediately runs out to them and greets them.  Something tells me he knew who these men were, even though it doesn’t really specify.  From what I’m reading I’m making the guess that it was the Lord and two of His angels, or perhaps God in the form of three separate individuals.  The scriptures don’t explicitly indicate who they were until verse 13 where it describes how the Lord called Sarah out for laughing to herself in doubt of her ability to have children at nearly ninety years old.

Then there’s the fact that this man who called Sarah out most likely was God.  God decided to come down and hang out with His devoted servant Abraham and pass along His message to him about the first of his many descendants in the flesh.  What form did God take?  Could it have been Jesus, or the Holy Spirit?  And what about Him gave Him away that Abraham immediately recognized Him?  It’s not described.  The only clue is how Abraham immediately stood up from where he was sitting to meet them, no questions, no hesitation.  Something about them was unique, and it was seemingly uniquely God.

I wonder how often God has placed something or someone in my midst that represents Him directly.  How many times have I missed those moments, brushed them off as nothing important?  My wife has had a couple distinct experiences where she believes she was visited by a messenger from God.  Brings me hope that I can experience something like that.  But how brave am I to ask for that kind of experience, to be in the presence of someone that close to the Holiest of holies?

Will I be able to pick God out of the crowd and immediately know that it’s Him come to greet me?

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