“Yo estaba con Dios y el diablo, y yo llegamos a Dios.”

I was with God and the devil, and I reached out to God.

Prayer of thanks

These were the words of one of the Chilean miners rescued earlier this morning by a legion of rescue and aid workers, just moments after stepping out of the barely shoulder-width rescue capsule that reminds me of the capsules used by drive-through banks.  Later, another miner waved his small Bible in the air with his right hand after leaving the capsule, shouting praises to God as loud as his weary voice allowed him to.  And just a few minutes before I started writing this post, the rescuers pulled the 18th miner up from the depths of the earth.  After being released from his harness he immediately fell to his knees, crossed himself and prayed fervently while his wife rushed toward him, wrapping his shoulders in a blanket emblazoned with the image of the Virgin Mary, weeping with joy and relief as she then wrapped her own arms around her husband, nearly lost but now found.

As I wipe the tears from my eyes, I stop to consider the depths I’ve been in: the depths of sin, of shame, of sadness and anger and defeat.  I wander through the dark in this bitter cave of my own creation, trying to survive in body, sanity and spirit.  And I think about the Father who organized a massive rescue effort just for me, working tirelessly day and night that I would ascend through the black and eventually hear His voice calling from the opening above my head.

And I answer back, “Yes, Lord, here I am!”

And I am pulled out of the hole I dug for myself and into the strong waiting arms of my Father.

Bienvenido a casa.

Welcome home.

(Translations obtained from Google Translate.  Corrections welcome.)

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